Northern Arizona VA Health Care System

Volunteer Programs

Make a Difference

Want to make a difference in the life of our nation's Veterans? Try volunteering! The volunteer program at the Northern Arizona VA Health Care System offers opportunities for adult and youth volunteers, age 13 and older, to work in a variety of assignments and settings. Not to mention you get to make your own schedule and determine how many hours per week/month you want to volunteer!

Occasional Volunteers

If you’re interested in coming in to visit with patients or help out at an event but are not sure if you can commit to a regular schedule, consider being an occasional volunteer. Occasional volunteers come alone or as a group but must sign up with a Voluntary Services staff member beforehand.

Regularly Scheduled Volunteers

Our regularly-scheduled volunteers can commit to serving our Veterans on a regular basis. The schedule and amount of hours can be determined by the volunteer but consistent schedules are preferred.